V.Nesterenko's works can be seen in the following places:

Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow

Northwest pylon: The Resurrection of Christ & St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist
West tympanum: The Entry into Jerusalem 
North tympanum: Epiphany.

Museum of Christ the Savior Cathedral

View of the Kremlin from the Old Square 
Alone with himself 
Holy hill in the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery 
Autumn in Pechory 
The Crucifixion 
Portrait of Diodoros, Patriarch of Jerusalem (sketch) 
The elder of Mount Athos 
The Stary Russik Secluded Monastery on Athos
The Morning on Athos
Mount Athos. The Secluded Monastery of Saint Anna 
Mount Athos. Quayside of the St. Pantheleimon Monastery 
St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist  (sketch) 
St. Marc the Apostle and Evangelist (sketch) 
The Entrany into Jerusalem (sketch)
The Resurrection (sketch)

Russian Academy of Arts

The Resurrection (draft for re-creation of the central part of wall painting) 
St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist  (duplicate of wall painting in actual size)

Central Museum of Russian Armed Forces

The Triumph of the Russian Fleet

State Tretyakov Gallery

Irina Arkhipova


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